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- Automatic checking and updating of ad images and ad deeplinks Release 1.9.354
1.8.346 - pionads-83: Paused ads not always flagged invalid/ removed from active queue
- pionads-68 Duplicate keywords registered (sporadic flush problem)
- pionads-65 Advanced SMTP settings
- Updated impression history for readability
Release 1.8.346

- pionads-71 30 day trial version option added
- pionads-76 Algorithm - test on adspace
- pionads-78 Add API information to adspace edit page
- pionads-64 Large hibernate log entries (imgAction)
- User, role and permission management added
- Ads now take the pause status of merchants and campaigns into account

Release 1.7.265

- pionads-63 Filter on IP or Useragent (Improved requestrules to ignore http useragents, ip adresses, languages, etc)
- pionads-62 Show click/ hit referrer info (Added referrer information to the click and history widgets)
- Added support for X-Referer 
- Performance improvement: Request rules are now parsed once per new session

Release 1.6.221
1.5.208 - Compacted overview screens
- pionads-59 Widgets: add img-responsive class to banner images
- pionads-57 Sorting on compound overview column
- pionads-53 Multi checkbox: Select all/ select none
- pionads-55 Multi keyword propertyhandler doesnt work properly
- pionads-51 Dropdown quickmenu for Ads in top menu in admin


Release 1.5.208

- Improved dashboard
- Improved statistics filters

Release 1.4.86

- Added rest controller custom click handling support

- Fixed an issue with managing networks

- Added a "Save and new" option when managing ads, for adding ads quicker

Release 1.3.56
1.2.36 Added quickmenu, Fixed a problem with dashboard overview lists Release 1.2.36
1.1.25 Added automatic database backup rotation Graphical statistics now include the current day by default Improved support for embedding base64 encoded banners Updated HSQLDB libraries Improved performance when storing banners Release 1.1.25
1.0.17 - Added metrics to Media (websites) Release 1.0.17

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