PionAds Banner Rotator Software Server

Pionads Advanced Banner Rotation Server

PionAds is an advanced, yet easy to use, banner rotator server and advertisment management system. It runs standalone on any server environment running Java and is setup in minutes. PionAds can be used to serve ads from a separate advertisement serving domain, or can be used as Rest service, allowing Ads to be published server-side, making banners unblockable on your pages.

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End user license agreement

By downloading and installing PionAds, you are agreeing to the end user license agreement, available here


No database required PionAds comes with a build-in database, an additional database setup is optional
Zone/ AdSpace targeting Any ad can be published to one, or multiple zones/ adspaces
Keyword targeting The default algorithm uses keywords to give ads extra weight
Schedulable campaigns Schedule one or a group of ads for any campaign (e.g. a Christmas or Easter campaign)
Templates Adjust the way Ads are displayed by changing or adding templates.
Rest interface, Server-side publishing PionAds offers a Rest interface, allowing you to proxy ads and ad images directy from your domain
Image hosting PionAds processes and downloads images from an Ad and stores it locally allowing you to serve images from your local (PionAds) domain.
Campaign management Manage campaigns, with publishing dates and separate statistics.
Customizable Algorithm Experiment with the publishing algorithm to optimize effectivity.
Transparent statistics Statistics are available for almost everything within PionAds (Ads, AdSpaces, Campaigns, etc)
Easy management Clear and transparent management
Unlimited ads, domains, adspaces PionAds is designed for large amounts of ads and adspaces (for large traffic websites, please refer to the webhelp section for information about configuring a custom database)


  • OS: Windows or Linux
  • Memory: 1.0 GB RAM minimum
  • Diskspace: 1.0 GB available disk space
  • RDP or SSH Access - To install PionAds you will have to be able to access the server via either SSH or RDP (Remote desktop)


  • Postgresql or mysql database (requires custom configuration)
  • For Linux installations, an additional java installation is required (1.7 or higher)

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PionAds installation license 45 USD
Prices shown exclude taxes. Payment is handled by Mycommerce.


Order a PionAds license. An license is valid for one separate PionAds server installation. Order PionAds

Help, Support and Documentation

An online help section is available at the webhelp section.

For help installing PionAds, click here 

For help uninstalling and migrating PionAds, click here

Any other questions and remarks can be sent via the online contact form

Please visit our google forum group here, for any other questions  regarding PionAds.