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Pionmon: Website Monitoring - Easy And Flexible

PionMon is an easy, standalone website monitoring application which runs as a service on Windows or Linux. PionMon can be installed and setup in minutes and allows you to monitor your webapplications in an easy, yet flexible way. Out of the box, PionMon provides an easy to configure dashboard, flexible statistics and allows you to easily introduce new metrics to monitor.

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End user license agreement

By downloading and installing PionMon, you are agreeing to the end user license agreement, available here


No database required PionMon comes with a build-in database and does not require an additional database setup
Webinterface PionMon can be managed using an advanced webinterface
Widget dashboard A clear and transparent dashboard allows you to isolate problems quickly
Keyword constraints Monitor your webapplication for keywords, or regular expressions
Configurable thresholds Allow PionMon to notify you when a metric is out of bounds (for instance, when the requesttime becomes too high)
Advanced metrics PionMon comes pre-configured out of the box, but can be easily extended by using a predefined XML template Read more...
Email and Twitter notifications PionMon allows you to be notified via Email and/ or a Twitter account (using the Twitter api)


  • OS: Windows or Linux
  • Memory: 1.0 GB RAM minimum
  • Diskspace: 1.0 GB available disk space
  • RDP or SSH Access - To install PionMon you will have to be able to access the server via either SSH or RDP (Remote desktop)


  • Postgresql or mysql database (requires custom configuration)
  • For Linux installations, an additional java installation is required (1.7 or higher)

Pricing and Ordering

PionMon license

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Tutorial and installation instuctions

Need help on how to install PionMon? Have a look at our tutorial videos on Youtube here.


PionMon Dashboard  Short demo of the configuration of the dashboard
Configuring a monitor Short demo of the configuration of a new website monitor

Help, Support and Documentation

An online help section is available at the webhelp section.

For help installing PionMon, click here 

For help uninstalling and migrating PionMon, click here

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