Pionads Helpfiles: Backing Up And Restoring Data


Backing Up And Restoring Data

Backing up and restoring data

PionAds uses the following folders to store user data;

  • db
  • uploads
  • app/backups
  • app/images

Database backup

PionAds automatically backups the database in the backups folder every night, with a retention of 30 days. PionAds will remove folders which are older than 30 days automatically. 

Restoring a previous database

Ensure PionAds is stopped before starting a restore. The backups folder consists of a copy of the db folder, which means you can copy one of the app/backup directory's content into the db folder to restore a copy, after which PionAds can be started again. 

Make sure you create a copy of the db folder before proceeding.

Offsite backups

The folder "app/backups", "app/images" and "uploads" should be added to an automatic server backup procedure. 

The db folder is the folder in which PionAds stores its data, this directory should not be manipulated. 


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