Pionads Helpfiles: Implementing The Rest Interface


Implementing The Rest Interface

Implementing the Rest interface

Rest interface implementation

PionAds comes with a Rest interface which can be implemented by any server side language which can handle HTTP requests. 

Using the Rest interface you can serve ads serverside, making it very hard for adblockers to block any ad. Bare in mind, that there is a performance penalty, the ad will need to be downloaded by your server which consumes additional time. 

Calling the Rest controller server-side

The rest interface uses HTTP to communicate. On the adspace editing you will find the rest url for your adspace and the rest url to proxy and register clicks on ads. 

Proxying client information

In order to allow PionAds to determine your visitors more accurate, you will need to supply the rest interface additional HTTP headers. These headers are listed below.

HTTP Header Value
X-User-Agent The user agent of the visitor
X-Real-IP The IP Address of the visitor
Cache-Control no-cache



Further reading

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