Pionads Helpfiles: Troubleshooting




Installation troubleshooting

How can i change the port PionAds is listening on?

By default, PionAds uses port 8732, but this can be overridden by adding an extra startup argument -DPORT=1234 (start.sh for linux, start.bat for windows or, if your would like to change the windows service, change the installservice.bat file and reinstall the service, by calling removeservice.bat and installservice.bat afterwards).

Exception troubleshooting

PionAds wont start

If, for some reason, PionAds cant start, you can open the [installation dir]/app/logs/app.log file to see what is preventing PionAds from starting. If this file does not exist or if the file is empty, try to locate the file catalina.log and view its contents to see what is blocking PionAds from starting. In most cases, the listening port may be in use by another application. 

PionAds is running slow

While PionAds is stress-tested for large amount of impressions, with a steady and predictable performance. If this is not the case, examine the log files (see below).

By default, PionAds uses a file database, which makes PionAds rely on the performance of the disk (for some operations). If you serve large amounts of ads, it is recommended to migrate to an external database. 


PionAds offers two logfiles to pinpoint problems;

[installation dir]/app/logs/app.log Contains all application exceptions
[installation dir]/app/logs/catalina.log  Contains system exceptions, e.g. startup failures


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