Pionmon Helpfiles: Advanced Monitoring


Advanced Monitoring

Advanced monitoring

PionMon is capable of reading XML output from your webapplication and automatically creating metrics and statistics for it.

The XML format is easy to setup and looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <root> <metrics> <metric id="free-jvm-memory-perc" name="Free JVM Memory" type="percentage">67</metric> <metric id="current-load" name="Current Load">0.09</metric> </metrics> </root>

The example above can be any metric type you choose to put in the output for your webapplication. 

Metric nodes are read sequentially and need the following attributes:

Attribute Description
id An identifier to reckognize the metric (e.g. cpu, memory, load, sales, users, etc)
name A user friendly name
type can be either double, percentage or boolean. The default is double.


If you want Pionmon to notify you when metrics are below or above a certain threshold, you can configure the threshold per metric by going to the "Configure->Metrics" screen and clicking the metric you wish to limit. Note that you do not have to add metrics yourself, these are added when Pionmon reads the XML from your webapplication.

You can either configure a threshold for all monitors in the "Configure->Metrics" screen, or specific metrics per Monitor, by clicking the "Configure metrics per monitor" button next to the monitor in the "Configure->Monitors" window.



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