Pionmon Helpfiles: Creating A Monitor


Creating A Monitor

Creating a Monitor

A monitor is used to keep track of a website, or webapplication. A monitor can be created by clicking the 'quick menu' at the top of the admin screen and clicking 'New Monitor'. Another way to add a monitor is by going to the 'Configure->Monitor' screen on the left of the admin screen and clicking the blue 'Add Monitor' button on top of that page.

When adding a monitor, 3 fields are required. The first is the (administrative) 'Name' of the Monitor, the second required field is the Url of the website, or webapplication and the third required field is the License key (obtained from the Pionsoftware license administration screen).

Additionally, you can add detailed configuration about the monitor as shown below.

Monitor Options

A Monitor can be configured to respond to certain conditions. By default, a monitor only checks the availability of the website. 


You can set conditions of a monitor by going to the tab "Conditions" in the edit window of the monitor. By default, the "All" condition is selected, which indicates that all conditions are seen as correct. Change this to "Must contain" or "Must not contain" to let Pionmon check the monitor for a keyword expression. This can be either a constant string, or a regular expression.


Select the notification group and SLA (Service level agreement) you want to attach to the monitor. The monitoring group is used to send notifications and alerts when a state of a monitor changes. 


In the license tab a license key can be set. To obtain a license key for a domain, visit your account at http://www.pionsoftware.com/account/signin

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