Pionmon Helpfiles: Installing Pionmon On Linux


Installing Pionmon On Linux

Installing PionMon on Linux

Downloading and extracting with Linux

cd /opt
mkdir pionmon
cd pionmon
wget http://www.pionsoftware.com/download/pionmon/1.2.37/550255d2-8aa9-11e4-b927-20cf308b304a/pionmon-1.2.zip
unzip pionmon-1.2.zip

In the above example, pionmon will be installed to /opt/pionmon


Install the linux service


PionMon comes equiped with a simple rc.d service installer, which can be found in the install/linux folder;

cd /opt/pionmon/install/linux
chmod 755 installservice.sh
/etc/init.d/pionsoftware_pionmon start
This will start the application in the background. To verify, that the application is running, run the following command:

tail app/logs/startup.logThe logfile will show "Starting Tomcat and initializing the database..." which means the application is starting.

To view if the application is ready, you can view another logfile by typing:

tail app/logs/app.logThis logfile should show the text "INFO DispatcherServlet:498 - FrameworkServlet 'core': initialization completed in xxx ms", which means the application is ready to handle requests. 

Open up a browser and surf to the server ip address, default port 8732. http://your-server:8732 When accessing the server for the first time, it may take up to a minute to configure the system and start up.


After the installation process, make sure to create a backup of the db folder as it contains your installation and registration keys.


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