Pionmon Helpfiles: Installing Pionmon On Windows


Installing Pionmon On Windows

Installing PionMon on Windows

Downloading and extracting with Windows

In Windows, the installation archive can be extracted to any location, preferably in c:\pionmon. The PionMon package comes with an installation batch file, located in the install\windows folder.

To install the windows server, open a command prompt with administrator rights.

cd \pionmon\install\windows

The following messages should display in the command prompt:
Service "pionmon" installed successfully!
Set parameter "AppDirectory" for service "pionmon".
The above messages mean that a new windows service has been created for PionMon. The service is not started after the installation.

To start the service, go to the services panel in windows and locate the "pionmon" service. Click the "pionmon" entry and click the start button on the top left, or rightclick the service and click start from there.

The first time the service starts, it may take several minutes before it is fully configured and accessible. 

To open the pionmon console, go to your browser and type http://[server address]:8732. 

Note that the default server port is 8732

After the installation process, make sure to create a backup of the db folder as it contains your installation and registration keys.
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